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Jan, 2021


We are seeking quality “adult volunteer leadership” to fill important organization roles…If there was ever a time when you took a look at the hard-working “volunteers” in our youth football & cheer program and thought, “Wow, I admire their dedication, their hard work on behalf of my child (I’m glad I don’t have to do it)!”…or, “I wish I could help them even though I’m at every practice and every game, but, I help my child’s team with whatever they need!”...or, “I don’t know how to do what they do?” ...or, “ I can’t speak in front of a crowd of people?” …or,  maybe you never stopped to take a look at “how many volunteers” it takes to run an organization or a team from beginning to the end of each season/year?  Or, after reading this you never knew that we are all just volunteers? If you’re a parent who’s been with us for a few years and want to help us “make a difference” in the lives of our children, or possess skills in which could help our Aztec Leadership in running the business of our organization, ...WE ARE REACHING OUT TO YOU!

Ever hear the phrase, “It Takes A Village?” Because yes, indeed, it takes “many volunteers” to work together for the benefit of our players and cheerleaders and to create and maintain an environment which can help our kids reach their highest potential both athletically, socially, and in the classroom! We have been representing the city of South Gate since 1990 and will be celebrating 32-years as a youth organization, and that, in of itself, should tell you that we have been a “successful program” bringing in a generation of youth through our programs.

What are the qualifications of being a volunteer leader in our program?...
Remember it’s not just about you or your child/children; it’s about “all of us” and what we represent in the Orange Empire Conference amongst 26 other cities/associations affiliated in this Pop Warner organization. Each of us assigned and approved in our roles as leaders in this organization “work together” as one team to move our programs forward in each New Year. We seek individuals who can dedicate the time, energy and effort to help us maintain the business of our organization through many aspects; Administrative Business Support, Coaching & Team Development, Team Management/Administration, Snack Bar Operations, Field/Facility/Security, Practice and Game Activities, Scholastic & Scholar Athlete Recognition, and on and on. We are, after all, a non-profit “business corporation” registered with the state and federal government subject to required annual filings and fees. If you possess a desire to “help make a difference” or to be a member of our Aztec Leadership Team, we ask that you please reach out to us!

In doing so, please know that as a member of the Aztec Team Leadership, you are never alone! You will be mentored, guided, you will be taught, and you will be communicated to about your important role and directives as we move forward in this new season/year by a member of the Executive Board.

Overall what it takes is the “LOVE OF THE SPORT”---football & cheer, a “DESIRE TO COMMIT TO LEADERSHIP”---accepting your role, being dependable, making the time necessary to the role & organization, and “PRIDE TO REPRESENT SOUTH GATE” and our community of youth players and cheerleaders!  We will help you do the rest!

We are a group of parents, just like you! We help bring leadership to a youth organization that has kept us moving forward for 30 years! We don’t like to make mistakes or repeat mistakes; we try and reinvent our program with new and exciting elements that make us number one in a youth sport program. We are recognized for our teamwork of our leadership, our colors & unified look, our overall pride and commitment to the South Gate Aztecs program and for creating the best environment we can for our players, cheerleaders and parents. It takes a village, won’t you consider being a part of our village and creating some of the best memories that will last you a lifetime---we guarantee it!

These are some of the important leadership roles that we seek to fulfill this coming season:
-Lil’ Scholars Director (Scholastic Director)
-Cheer Director
-Organization Photographer
-Field Director
-Equipment Director
-Snack Bar Director

See our Organization Chart below; this is our “chain of command.”

See our WebPage for Board, Auxiliary & Team Staff Members:
(A description of roles inside our By-Laws Handbook)

Hello! I am the President of South Gate Youth Football & Cheer since 1995. If you would like to call me (cell phone number is below, or email me?) we can discuss how you would like to be a part of Team Aztecs, we are ready to welcome you! 

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